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  • I do not tattoo persons under 18 years of age. I am doing my best not to tattoo someone who is actually 18 either.
  • I do not do "cover up"s on your existing tattoos.
  • I do not do a copy of a tattoo you saw on someone else. Each and every one of my works are designed specifically for the persons they are meant for.
  • I do not tattoo persons who show up intoxicated. My home and my profession are my sacred values.
  • I do not do quick-job tattoos. If you just want to have a tattoo, please go to any tattooist out there.
  • I do not tattoo the name of your spouse or your partner. If you love him/her that much, write his/her name in your heart. No need to show off.
  • I do not tattoo the mane of your favourite band or your football team. I believe such are more suitable as subjects of t-shirts or posters.
  • I do not tattoo political symbols.
  • I do not tattoo negative or depressive themes. Please do not carry your temporary unhappiness on your body as a black mark for a lifetime.
  • I do not give a second chance to persons who don't show up on their appointments. I take you only as much seriously as you take me.
  • I do not work with hyperactive, hasty and insistent persons. If you want to have me productive on your case, please don't hassle me.



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