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  • Do not chase after an idea. Let it chase after you. Sometimes many obstacles (personal, social, family related) need to be overcome, even just to have a tattoo. Once you overcome that, you ask yourself "How should it be?" Do not be target oriented at this stage.
  • Have a subject that you find worth carrying on your body for a lifetime. Your subject is your business only. So don't ask me or others questions like "What would look good on me?". A tattoo with lots of meanings to its owner might look like nonsense to another. This is very normal.
  • After having chosen your subject, you need to decide on which part of your body to place it. In terms of tattoo design, a subject is differently formed for the anatomical characteristics of that specific place.
  • Don't contact an artist just because your friends recommended him/her. Have an insight on his/her style, previous works and approach.
  • You must be able to symbolise your subject. Do not expect abstract concepts in your mind (e.g. happiness, freedom, power, love etc.) to be pictured. These are all relative concepts.
  • "I don't like coloured tattoo", "Oh please keep it small", "I don't like this/that colour", "I don't want yellow and red together", "You can't have pink on a man's tattoo" ... If you trust your designer, just leave the work to him/her.
  • There's no bargain in trade of arts. Don't even offer it. Otherwise the result you'll get will also be cheap.


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