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I was born 1 August 1976 in Istanbul Nisantasi. My father is a painter Selim Cebeci and my mother Zerrin is an illustrator. When I was in elementary school my parents decided to part from one another, I stayed on with my mother as single child. Financially our situation wasn’t always prosperous, but the spiritual possibilities were always there. Tubes of oil paints, turpentine smell, gouache paint, kretuar (utility knife in French), The Beatles, Rolling Stones, numerous art movies (that even today don’t give meaning to me)  always surrounded me since the very beginning of my existence. But our life was never easy. Perhaps that’s the reason I always prefer to take on the difficult choices.

With age 17, at that stage of mind I had the potential to do any madness. One day my good friend Emre (same as my name) Laçin; “Dude, my cousins in France are tattooing themselves at home together with friends.” I got seriously exited when I heard that. How come those tattoos on rock stars and other charismatic people’s bodies could be made at home? Emre’s cousins were wrapping a thread around a needle (the threat holds the ink), dipping it into china ink and making tense and fast strokes into their skin. At that moment, all those materials were available at my home. We debated who would start first. Deliberatively like always I sad “First you.” If you are not dead by tomorrow, I’ll do it myself too. After having prepared the materials Emre pitched himself the letter “b” for “bird” (a nickname his cousins had given to him) on his lower left arm. While watching him in his endeavour, I felt that we had laid out a red carpet into our lives. The next day I couldn’t wait and made a “yin yang” on my upper left arm, continued the very next day, I wrote “dimensions” around it and the following day I circled all with flames and made it look like the sun.
Well then the arrow had left the bow.  Almost every day I was working with inked needles and threat growing my own tattoo and adding new ones.On my right arm I tattooed the letter “E” inspired by Sepultra’s “S”. Then I made a tribal like the one on Anthony Kiedis arm. Picking a cards character on my left hand made be become known in school. I was already tattooing friends and this kept on going for one year. In 1995 I met Carlsten Kazim Salahor. He is one of the liveliest men I have ever met; he was holding something I never saw before in his hands, a tattoo machine! Kazim made me a life changing offer. He asked if I would like to work with him in a tattoo studio, he was planning to open in Ortakoy / Istanbul. It was the greatest opportunity for me. But there was a problem, I had never had used a tattoo machine before. Kazım approached this problem saying, “you tattoo you learn...”So I started tattooing at the Ortaköy “TATTOOJITSU” and on some weekdays I worked as part time tattooist at  the Korukent Solarium studio for one year.
My self-esteem had grown. I was attached to this path with all my hard and soul, since I didn’t have any other expectations then to learn tattooing, I wasn’t earning enough money. I had just finished high school and hadn’t found a place at an university jet. Being like it was I left the studio “TATTOOJITSU”. Between the years 1996-1997 I worked as waiter in different restaurants and bars in downtown Beyoğlu/Taksim.In order to pass university entry exams to enter an art college I was attending a course.  In the summer of 1997I met P.J. Erhan and Yekta Erçil in Bodrum. P.J. Erhan pierced and Yekta tattooed in their shop called “Mystic Body Arts”. They told me they planned to open a branch in Beyoğlu İstanbul and offered me to run it. Towards the end of that year I gained a scholarship at the Mimar Sinan University Fine Arts Faculty, Geleneksel Türk El Sanatları / Traditional Turkish Arts and also started to run the MYSTIC BODY ARTS studio in Beyoğlu.
At the mean time I was playing in the band “Taxi” we were performing on weekends at a bar in Taksim called Kemancı. I can say, that it was the busiest period of my life.I attended courses in the morning, then tattooed and had performances during the night.I necessarily froze my university education for one year. In the summer of 1998 I tattooed in studio MYSTIC BODY ARTS Bodrum and in the summer of 1999 I tattooed in a hair salon in Alanya.  During the period 1998 – 1999 I realized, that I would like to continue to perform my profession as tattooist differently.The Illumination-Miniature and Calligraphy Design branch during my academic education had grown my vision. The traditional arts discipline, the power of fiction, the craft aspect and the mythological cultural and mysterious side…I started to see surprisingly many similarities between all. Wasn’t tattooing a traditional craft anyway? In this case I made a decision.  Now, I would become my own boss.
In the year 2000 I transformed my room of the apartment I was living in with my mother into a studio and restarted all from scratch. In 2004 I graduated.  In the Between the years 2000 – 2006  I was playing base in the group YUZ DERECE and produced an album. So, between education, tattooing and music the time for military service had come.I served in the army as drummer in a small sunny Aegean town called Balıkesir. In addition we created a band there and performed in officers’ clubs, serving the country with music.
After finishing the army service and returning home I left YUZ DERECE and accepted to continue with musician as hobby and decided to continue my professional career of visual arts.
Tattoos created with the discipline of Traditional Turkish arts attracted tattoo lovers from abroad. In the year 2008 the German tattoo magazine TATOOWIER MAGAZIN devoted 7 pages for me. This was followed by SCANDINAVIAN TATTOO MAGAZIN and SKIN&INK (USA) reportages. Between 2010-2011 calligraphic art work was published monthly in the horoscope page of the German TATOOWIER MAGAZIN.Going on forward my aim is not to increase the number of my works but to perform qualified and memorable work.

To me, being an artist is not a means of expressing myself. It is a lifestyle on its own. Nevertheless, with my well-learned family values, and the education I received from the academy, I have never associated this lifestyle with a bohemian life. I believe that, in order to have a good grasp on anything, you need to commit yourself into it with love, passion and patience.

And from now on, my aim is not to pursue and multiply the number of works I make, but rather progress through performing high quality and memorable pieces of art.

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